Our trainees

My Internship in Greece

By Anna-Lena Bohlmann, Trainee for Process Mechanics

September 2021

“Despite the corona pandemic, I was able to spend four weeks on the Greek Island of Crete, to do a practical training period. My accommodation was in Amoudara, close to Heraklion, about 45 minutes away from my internship provider GET 3D. The company exceeded my expectations on many levels. With only three employees, the work environment was always very calm and enjoyable. They printed and processed many different things. During my stay I worked on a figurine of a golf player, where I removed the print lines using sandpaper and cast also another figurine using a mix of Polyol and Isocyanate and a silicone mold. I was welcomed and sent off very warmly by everyone.

Manolis, Kostas, Jann, I and Manos (from left to right)

Something that instantly stood out to me was the hospitality of the Greek people. Even in the short span that I worked in the company, I was allowed to operate the 3D printer and use it privately to print a model of the isle of Crete. For that I am still very thankful. My experiences have expanded a lot and I was able to get to know the working methods of a different country.

My free time was often spent with other people visiting the Island. The beach was only five minutes away and the main road full of bars, little shops, and restaurants. All in one place, you didn’t have to walk far to enjoy a great evening in one of the bars. On the weekends I was always free and took trips with my new acquaintances, to explore Crete or even visit other islands. The weather was fantastic, and I learned something new every day, whether it was Greek words, new places or new foods.

Looking back, I am really happy about this opportunity. In my opinion, this is an experience that everyone should make, as you are taken out of your usual environment and your comfort zone for a short time. You have to organize yourself and make contact with new people, all in different languages and in a foreign country. I can only recommend this to everyone who has the chance. The memories are unforgettable, and you are greatly expanding your horizon. This is good for your own abilities and can also be useful for future applications. The internship has taught me new knowledge and skills that I can apply in my training as a process mechanic for plastic- and rubber processing. Also, I was able to find out more about Crete, the Greek culture and the local people and learn a lot of things about myself, my future, and my goals.”

My Internship in Sweden

By Justin Größer, Commercial Trainee

January 2021

“Rather unusually these days, I recently did an internship abroad. For four weeks, I worked in a baby fashion company and spent my time in Lund in the south of Sweden. During this time, I was working in the marketing department and took care of improving their website.

After experiencing Sweden for the first time, some clichés turned out to be true. On one hand, it’s an advanced country, for example in the state of digitalization. On the other hand, it´s influenced by the youth and cosmopolitan. The majority of the population speaks fluent English; therefore, it was easy for me to talk to my Swedish colleagues and the other international interns.

During my stay, I lived on the estate of the castle Borgeby together with other internship participants. It´s a very natural area with many possibilities for joint activities. I spent a lot of time with my housemates, with whom I still keep in touch and exchange information about our everyday work.

I was sure that I would get a lot of experiences and impressions, but my expectations were exceeded. This was especially true, as we just got new measures to contain the corona virus in Germany at the time that I left. I saw the Swedish way to survive this crisis, with a positive feeling and a calm atmosphere. It´s another attitude of life. So even during the pandemic it was possible to discover the city and the country.

Looking back, I am very happy to have received this chance. In my opinion, everyone should have this experience, as there are only a few ways to collect so many impressions in such a short time. On the one hand you get out of your familiar surroundings and on the other hand you need to organize yourself in a foreign country with a different language. You also need to openly approach other people on your own.

In conclusion, I gained new knowledge and skills through the internship and feel empowered for future jobs. In addition, I learned more about the Swedish country, its citizens and culture. I also know more about myself and my future goals.

I want to jump at the chance to recommend this experience to other trainees. Those who like to go traveling, should visit the country and citizens.”